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Speaker Topics

  • Workplace conflict resolution
  • Damaging effects of workplace gossip
  • Eradicating workplace gossip
  • The 5 stages every team will navigate

About Rika

Background and Experience:

As a Workplace Culture Consultant and Education Consultant with a wealth of experience, Rika is dedicated to transforming workplace cultures by eliminating gossip and fostering a positive, inclusive environment. With a diverse professional history, Rika brings a unique blend of expertise to the field. 

Passion and Mission:

Rika is deeply passionate about transforming workplace culture and addressing the adverse effects of gossip. Her mission is to eradicate workplace gossip by creating awareness and offering coaching and training to empower leaders to cultivate thriving and inclusive workplace cultures.

Published Works:

Rika has published an article in "Further Journeys of Inquiry" and authored the book "How to Get Rid of Workplace Gossip" demonstrating expertise in the field.


Rika hosts the podcast 'Women of Faith in Leadership' and shares her knowledge about leadership, workplace culture and faith with female leaders. 


Rika holds various qualifications in Education and Training as well as a certification as Executive Coach. Rika is currently studying a Masters of Business Administration through the Australian Institute of Business. 


  • Eradicated gossip from her department and successfully kept it at bay for the full time of her employment.
  • Single-handedly developed a staff online training portal for onboarding and professional development, including shooting videos, editing them and uploading all the learning content and material.
  • Supervised, trained and up-skilled over 150+ people during her time as a leader. 


"Rika is the best Director I have had in my career...  compassion, integrity, honesty, and drive to lead a team is above and beyond. If there was an issue, she dealt with it fair and open minded and straight away. " - Patti Kouwenberg

Courses Offered:

Rika offers a range of online courses to support leaders in cultivating positive workplace cultures. These courses cover topics like leadership essentials, time management, relationship and communication, and how to eliminate workplace gossip.


Rika's vision is to empower leaders to create thriving workplace cultures, and she's dedicated to achieving this mission by eradicating workplace gossip.

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