Our Vision

Our vision at The Workplace Culture Hub is to empower leaders to create a thriving workplace culture.

Our Mission 

We’re on a mission to eradicate workplace gossip by creating awareness surrounding its damaging effects on organisations and individuals and by offering coaching and training to leaders so they can cultivate thriving workplace cultures.

Our Team

Consultant: Rika Whelan

Hi there! I'm Rika Whelan and welcome to The Workplace Culture Hub.

My passion for workplace culture and a thriving one at that, started when I experienced a toxic workplace culture first-hand. Subjected to gossip, blasphemy, mockery, profanity and other behaviour that simply did not belong in the workplace, I vowed to not tolerate such behaviour if I ever had the opportunity to step into a leadership role.

Those first few years were tough and I had no influence over my team and I had an unsupportive line manager that was caught up in the toxic workplace culture themselves. I decided to not participate and just keep to myself. That was difficult too.

When I finally had the opportunity (at a different workplace) to change the fate of the workplace culture... I didn't hesitate to jump in and create a workplace culture where everyone in my team could thrive and actually love coming to work. 

Gossip was already ruling the roost, but I wasn't going to sit back and just watch. I jumped in and put certain steps into place to eradicate gossip and keep it away... for good! I didn't know at the time that those steps that I implemented would become my signature program that I would teach to others one day.

However, long before that, I was also part of the problem. I have worked at various different places and gossip just seems to the be the norm. Everybody does it... so if you can't beat them, join them right?! So it did.

It was only really when it started to affect me personally, that I realised the detriment it can have. I saw the negative affects not only on me, but on our team and the organisation. It affected productivity, team morale and our customers were affected by it as well. 

My eyes were opened but unfortunately it took much too long to get there. 

Now, I'm on a mission to create awareness regarding the detrimental effect gossip can have on organisations and individuals. 


One of my team members at the time, Patti Kouwerberg, had worked in multiple countries in her life time and had the following to say about our workplace culture, about me as Director and keeping gossip at bay:

"I can truly and honestly say that Rika is the best director I have had in my career as an international worker. Her compassion, integrity, honesty and her drive to lead a team is above and beyond her role.

On a daily basis she enforced the no gossip policy and were always very open and approachable for the staff to come to. If there was an issue she dealt with it fair and open minded and straight away.

She enforced the policy by encouraging the staff to communicate with each other if an issue arose. But also nipped it in the backside straight away.

She led by example not tolerating gossip and openly speaking up about it. Telling us her own experience with gossip in the work place and what It did with you.
I carry with me everything that that Rika has taught me. Thank you Rika"
Rika's qualifications

Rika holds various qualifications including

  • a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment,
  • a Diploma of Early Childhood Education,
  • a Bachelor of Education,
  • an Honours Bachelor of Education, and
  • an Certification as an Executive Coach.

Rika is currently completing a Master of Business Administration with the Australian Institute of Business.

Rika's experience

Rika has worked at multiple schools and various organisations (in both South Africa and Australia) in various positions including Educator, Teacher, Trainer, Office Manager, Director, Tutor, Assessor and data entry clerk. 

Contact Rika

Please reach out if you have any queries, or requests for consulting or training. 

Email: support@rikawhelan.com

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