When Leaders Gossip in your Organisation - What You Can Do as a Fellow Leader

When Leaders Gossip in your Organisation - What You Can Do as a Fellow Leader

What would you do, when it's not an employee that gossips, but rather a fellow leader or even a line manager?

In a recent episode on my YouTube Channel (Watch here), I discussed ways that you can deal with this situation.

The Challenges of leadership

Being in a leadership role can be tough. We have multiple different challenges every single day and problems that we have to solve. We're also often pushed out of our comfort zone!

One of those uncomfortable situations could be having a crucial or tough conversation with someone.  We often avoid having tough conversations because we don't know how the other person is going to react.  But their reaction is on them... it's not your responsibility. What you can control and what is your responsibility is your actions, your words and controlling your emotions.

Dealing with the gossip

Below are my suggestions on how you can approach the situation with your fellow leader or line manager.

1. Make an appointment to speak with this person

2. Prepare well, write down some keywords or phrases that you can take with you (in case you freeze up)

3. Approach the person calmly, instead of going in guns blazing ready to defend and attack.

4. Address the issue as a collective issue, saying that you are concerned about the gossip culture and that other employees are worried as well. Ask them if they would be able to commit to creating a gossip-free culture and share with them the RESPECT Framework (Watch the YouTube episode here) to get rid of gossip.

5. If they get defensive, state the facts do not take it personally. It's personal to them, not to you.

6. Follow up after the meeting with them. (Watch the YouTube video for more information here)

7. Get other leaders, and line managers involved and committed to a gossip-free environment.

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