7 Steps to Eradicate Workplace Gossip

7 Steps to Eradicate Workplace Gossip

In a recent YouTube Video (Watch here), I shared a 7-step framework that leaders can implement to eradicate workplace gossip.

Let me introduce you to the RESPECT Framework:

R - Reflect

During this first phase, leaders should reflect on their expectations of staff and their behaviours.

Leaders can ask themselves the following questions:

  • Do I gossip?
  • Do I inadvertently gossip?
  • Do I expect others not to gossip when I do it myself?

 Next, leaders need to reflect on the organisation's expectations of staff.

  • Are the expectations clear to all staff?
  • When it comes to conflict, how is this managed?
  • Are staff kept accountable for their actions?
  • What is the current culture?
  • What are the current values?

E - Expectations

In this second step, leaders need to reset the expectations of the organisation and communicate that back to staff.

S - Support

In this third step, leaders will need to support: 

  • those that are compliant with the new expectations.
  • those that are non-compliant with the new expectations.

Have conversations with staff surrounding their struggles with gossip and follow a 'soft approach' during this stage.

P - Performance Management

In this fourth step, we get formal. We now move from support to performance management for those individuals who refuse to change.

E - Environment

Now it's time to create the environment you and your team desire. Dream big, include everyone and come up with a plan for creating this positive, growth-minded and thriving workplace environment.

C - Continuous Accountability

Possibly one of the most important steps in the whole process is keeping people accountable continuously. People naturally push the boundaries, keep them accountable and they will know exactly where the boundaries are.

T - Training Programs

Finally, offer regular professional development opportunities for your team, to stimulate that growth mindset, but also for all new employees coming onboard, to understand the value of having a gossip-free environment.


You can download a free PDF copy of this framework, which also contains a short summary of each point.

Download here


On Thursday 8 February 2024, 12pm AWST, I'll be hosting a free 1-hour workshop where I'll be running through this framework and giving a bit more context on how to implement this framework.

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